MACS HOTEL PORTLAND - a short history...

In 1855, construction of the Mac's Hotel commenced after Hector MacDonald purchased the land for two thousand pounds ($4000). The first stage of the hotel was completed in February 1856. Three years later, in 1859, Hector MacDonald passed away, and the licence was transferred.

The hotel was advertised for sale in 1875, after the bar building was completed and access could be gained from the front verandah. John Robertson purchased it soon after, for three thousand two hundred pounds ($6400).

Further building additions started in 1878, with the Admella Room, costing two thousand three hundred pounds ($4600).

The room was a local landmark, with drawings of sailing ships on the windows. (These were lost in the renovations in 1996).

In 1890 balconies were built and in 1909, they were used as additional accommodation when the main accommodation quarters were full.

Over the 140 years the Mac's Hotel has been in existence, there have been many changes of owners and licensees. The hotel was bought by the Richmond Henty Hotel Pty Ltd in 1980 and gaming machines were installed in 1995. (no longer here today)

Commencing in 1996, there have been many changes made to the hotel and fourteen units in the accommodation section have been renovated and refurbished.


41 Bentinck Street, Portland Victoria, 3305

Tel: 61+(03)5523-2188


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